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About "Vidinska Gamza"

"Vidinska Gamza" is a comparatively new name on the Bulgarian wine market. It is created by owners of more than 600 decares vineyards in the region of Novo Selo village, Vidin, and it incarnates the best traditions of the Novo Selo's wine-growers, who have made the region famous for the high-quality wines. Couple of years back in the time this Northwest Bulgaria's region has been famous for growing of wine varieties, out of which is made wine, deserving the definition "Elixir of the Gods".

"Vidinska Gamza" has its own wine-cellar in Novo Selo and it is specialized in limited series of red and white wines production. There is an exceptional attention paid to every detail of the production process-from the cultivation of the vineyards, through the vintage in the most appropriate moment, to the bottling of the finished wine and its presenting. In this way, skillfully combining tradition and novelty, "Vidinska Gamza"'s wine-growers create not just the consecutive wine bottle, but a real achievement of wine-production, an incredible pleasure for all senses.

"Vidinska Gamza" grows and cultivates over 600 decares of it own vineyards. These vineyards are cultivated by competent and honest agronomists, who keep a sharp eye on the growth and the development process. This is a guarantee for a high quality grape material's crop so that a qualitative wine will be produced.

The vineyards are situated on the southern Danube bank's hills, nearby Novo Selo. The climatic conditions and rich soil cover are conducive to the growth of all these aromatic grape varieties, which are used for the production of our wines. The mild continental climate, the hot summer and the great amount of sunny days, as well as the airy hills on which we cultivate our vineyards, are ideal even for the "whimsical" grape variety Gamza. The grapes from the different vineyards, even of one variety, are vinificated independently, which gives an individual appearance of each different batch.

"Vidinska Gamza" offers its wines in two series under the trade marks "METERIZ" and "NOVOSELSKO" for the connoisseurs of the fine wine. The trade marks are named after the places where the vineyards are situated.

"Vidinska Gamza" produces high quality wines from the traditional Bulgarian grape variety Novoselska Gamza, as well as from the worldwide popular varieties Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Muscat Otonel and Chardonnay."Vidinska Gamza" skillfully combines the qualities of both the grape varieties-Gamza and Merlot, and presents incredible coupage wine called Gamza x Merlot.

"Vidinska Gamza" aims one purpose: by applying of unique technological decisions, masterly combined with the tradition, it creates wines with more and more unforgettable taste and aroma, with supreme qualities, which are designed to satisfy even the highest requirements.